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Drawing & Rendering

This is a To-The-Trade-only service for Interior Designers & Contractors. I work with you to help communicate your ideas visually to your clients. I work in AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, Vray, and Photoshop.

Below is a list of a few services I offer:

  • 2D Floor Plans & Elevations

  • 3D Models (SketchUp)

  • 3D Renderings  - photorealistic & non-realistic

  • Exterior Renderings

  • Design Documentation

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2D Plans & Elevations

These documents serve as blueprints for design concepts, precisely outlining the placement of walls, doors, windows, and furniture. Well-executed drawings ensure clear communication of your vision to clients and contractors,  ensuring everyone is aligned before construction or renovation work begins. Clients benefit from the clarity and insight these documents provide, enabling them to visualize the proposed design and make informed decisions about their space.

Drawings: $110 per hour

3 Hour Minimum

3d Renderings

With 3D models, designers and builders can showcase intricate details, material finishes, and lighting effects, ensuring every design aspect is perfectly crafted. Photorealistic rendering takes this a step further, adding depth, texture, and ambiance that closely resemble real-world environments. Clients benefit from these immersive experiences, gaining a clear understanding of how their spaces will look and feel, which ultimately helps them make quicker decisions because of their confidence in the final product.

Drawings: $110 per hour

3 Hour Minimum

Typical Spends:

Small Spaces: $500

Large Spaces: $700

Let's talk details:

Which services do you require?
What details can you provide?

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