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Interior Design Services

I am overjoyed that you are considering Brit Holtan Interior Design to create the home of your dreams! Helping you curate an environment that meets your needs, reflects your lifestyle, and inspires you daily is my greatest passion and honor. I believe that home is sacred and that thoughtful, enduring design stems from a deep understanding of the unique way that you live inside your space.

I have provided broad pricing below - contact me for a more detailed quote!

Design for New Build or Renovation

I work as your consultant, helping make the overwhelming number of decisions required in a design/construction project. The details make great design - we will help you make the selections and remove the stress from the home-building process!


  • Floor Plan Assessment & Revisions

  • Project Budget Development

  • Style Assessment & Concept Design

  • Material & Finish Specification

  • Furnishings Selections

  • 3D Renderings & Concept Drawings

Clients typically spend between $8-12,000

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Are you ready for your "Dream-Kitchen" or your new "Spa Bathroom" but are paralyzed by the idea of how much work and decisions go into a project of that scale? I help you identify the style and feel you want in your space, and I take over the rest of the project for you.  You get to see 3D renderings of the space before you commit to the design, so you will know it's exactly what you want before you even begin! 

Clients typically spend between $3- $5,000 for a full-service kitchen remodel or design.

Commercial Design

I love helping small businesses with their studios, storefronts, and office spaces! How your client feels when they walk in your door (not to mention you and your staff) will have a lasting impact on your business. BHID can help you create an interior that welcomes clients and reinforces your branding.

Additional Services

Drafting and   3D Rendering

I offer this  service  to myFull Service Design clients  and now offer it as its own service to  others in the  Home/Design Industry!

Contractors |    Realtors  

Other Designers   |     DIY Homeowners

Furniture & Space Planning

We create furniture and finish plans using a mix of retail and designer pieces. As a result, we create beautiful and functional spaces infused with warmth and personality. We present the concept and design recommendations in a customized presentation for you!

Design Consultation

If you need help finding your direction or clarifying your ideas - this is for you@!  During our quick expert session, I answer your questions and provide you with the tools you need to tackle your project with confidence and clarity.

2D & 3D Modeling and Drawing

This is a To-The-Trade-only service for Interior Designers & Contractors. I work with you to help communicate your ideas visually to your clients. I work in AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, Vray, and Photoshop.

Below is a list of a few services I offer to the trade:

  • 2D Floor Plans & Elevations

  • 3D Models (SketchUp)

  • 3D Renderings  - photorealistic & non-realistic

  • Exterior Renderings

  • Design Documentation

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