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3 Tips to Enrich Your Porch, Patio or Deck

By Brit Holtan

porch design ideas

With summer upon us, it is time to extend our living spaces outdoors! Here are three valuable tips to enrich your porch, patio, or deck. These tips will help you transform your outdoor area into a stylish and inviting retreat that reflects your style and maximizes functionality.

  1. Define its Purpose: Consider how you want to use your outdoor space; for lounging, dining, or relaxation. Furnish your lounging area with comfortable seating and add side tables for convenience. Create an inviting dining area with comfortable and easy-to-clean tables and chairs. Finally, consider adding elements like hammocks, porch swings, or cozy nooks with comfortable seating for relaxation. By defining your space, you'll create a well-organized and purposeful outdoor living space that caters to your specific needs.

  2. Bring the Indoors Out: Extend your interior design style to your outdoor space to create a harmonious flow between your living spaces. Use outdoor rugs to define different areas and add warmth and texture. Incorporate weather-resistant throw pillows, blankets, and curtains for comfort and appeal. Bring out decorative elements like potted plants, artwork, and lighting fixtures to create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. You'll create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere by blurring the boundaries between your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

  3. Lighting and Ambiance: Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a beautiful outdoor living space. Explore different lighting options to enhance the ambiance. Hang string lights overhead, wrap them around trees or posts, or drape them along your pergola. Incorporate lanterns, candles, or solar-powered pathway lights for soft, warm lighting. Use task lighting to highlight specific areas, such as an outdoor dining area or a reading nook. By strategically placing lighting fixtures, you can create a magical outdoor oasis that can be enjoyed day and night.

I hope these suggestions inspire you to make the most of your outdoor space this summer. If you have any questions or need additional design ideas, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Wishing you many wonderful summer memories in your new outdoor oasis!



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